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If you have an open mind and enjoy magik or tales of long ago, then yes this is a sight for you. If however you are looking for something with a more christian overtone look elsewere.

For here there be the ramblings of old wizards, gypsys, imps, dragons, and a Scottish druid married to a bonnie Irish lass.

Welcome to the new home of Druidic Ways & Gypsy Notions! We are currently updating this site, so if things seem a little confused and unorganized, we appologise. Please bere with us until we get everything completed.


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In order to see the path ahead, one must first find themself.

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I spent quite a while as a member of Mystickal Realms and hope to someday be able to rejoin them. They are a wonderful web competition and I highly recommend anyone with a pagan based site check them out.

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